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Stonehedge Dr N

"We moved out of our house one week before demolition and moved back in our new home six months later"

Stonehedge Dr N

We would be willing to bet not many couples throw a surprise party for their builder upon completion of their new home. We did. We worked with Tony’s wife, Rosie, to put together a list of his best friends and family and invited them all over for a blow-out surprise party at our new house that doubled Tony over as he walked in the door. Why? Because we felt like we owed him a big “Thank You.”

We moved out of our house one week before demolition and moved back in our new home six months later right before Thanksgiving and four months before the lease ran out at our rental house (we were expecting a 10 month build). Only an incredible amount of hard work and attention to detail could have made that happen. Tony was at our house everyday, and he didn’t act like a GC. He acted like he was building his own house and this is Tony’s best quality… he cares.
Tony is committed, honest, and attentive to details. He finished ahead of time and on budget. There was not one issue that came up as a surprise and when obstacles did come up, they were discussed holistically and handled quickly. We started the relationship with Tony crossing all the “t’s” and dotting all the “i’s” and ended it with him having a duplicate of our credit card. Two years later, the house has withstood windstorms, floods, and snowstorms. We have not lost a single shutter or shingle. Our basement has not leaked a drop.

Obviously, Christine and I are thrilled with Tony and feel fortunate to have chosen him to build our house. In our first meeting, Tony told us that his goal would be that we would become better friends at the end of the job then at the beginning — again that was just another promise paid in full.

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