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As a third generation resident, I take pride in calling Greenwich my home. For the past thirty years, I have been committed to maintain the integrity of properties, while continuing to bring value to the town’s real estate. My wife and I have raised our four children in this community and feel deeply connected to our Greenwich roots. Real estate is in our blood and part of our history. I pride myself on building dream homes and have developed a team of talented professionals that make each new home a harmonious and seamless process. My greatest tools are the contacts I've made and the relationships that I have built. To put it simply, I love what I do!


As a life-long Greenwich resident, I grew up on job sites shadowing my father, a plumbing contractor. I had a twenty year career in the brokerage industry but I knew that my heart and passion were calling me back into the world of building and developing real estate. Together with my wife I have had the privilege of raising our 3 boys in my hometown—a community that I love—and continuing to develop homes for all types of markets. I pride myself on the great connections I have cultivated in this community and look forward to building dream homes for families and residences for years to come.


As lifelong Greenwich residents, Tony Longo and Mike Jedlicka take pride in the hometown—adding value to the community through their real estate knowledge and building talent. Their team of highly skilled professionals make each new home a seamless, timely process with dream home results. Longo Construction Management LLC is owned and operated by Tony Longo. In 2015, he partnered up with Mike Jedlicka and created Catalyst Construction LLC. Together they specialize in new home development for investment opportunities, alongside demolition, custom home rebuilding and large renovations. No detail is left behind with this power pair—they handle everything from building/Demo permits and utility disconnects to the final inspections and post-construction clean up. 

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