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Choctow Lane

"He is the only person we would ever consider for another project and he is the only reason we would even consider another project!!"

Choctow Lane

When we decided to build a home, the only memories we had was of a renovation with a contractor that was the typical nightmare many experience, poor workmanship, cost overruns and a project that was over budget and late in being delivered.

When we choose Longo Management to build our home we were obviously apprehensive and unsure. While we solicited three bids for our plans, Mr. Longo’s was not the low bid, but certainly more transparent, clear and lacking in “hidden costs”. Furthermore, Mr. Longo- or “Tony” showed his desire for earning the job by providing additional insights on the plans and the costs along with important insights on navigating the bureaucratic red tape of the town government prior to us making our decisions. One key attribute is that Tony Longo finds solutions that are a win win for the homeowner and his company. You always feel like he is fair and well intentioned whenever a “problem” emerges during a project.

Tony Longo was able to bring our job in under budget, earlier by three months than anticipated, and we moved out of our home in August, he was there the next day to knock down our old house and was  pouring a new footprint and basement a week later. The quality was like he built the home for his own family, ensuring it was well insulated and no air seepage along with walls as trued and straight to ensure that everything fit just right.

When we arrived back in our home in May only nine months after moving out to have an entire home demolished and built from the ground up, nothing but smiles crossed each of our children’s faces and best of all my wife’s. The process was fast and thorough, but the teams Tony had in place to construct our home were diligent, timely and above all highly efficient. He made a challenging task, achievable and allowed my wife and family to realize her dreams in a manner that was pleasing and as stress free as possible.

The post construction period almost one and a half years later, the home is still functioning well and the appearance is wearing well. Tony Longo’s follow up is timely and he is still always finding a solution to any potential problem we uncover. We highly recommend Longo Management for any construction project large or small!!!! He is the only person we would ever consider for another project and he is the only reason we would even consider another project!! Feel free to email me at

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